Apr 24, 2011

LAN & WAN Interface Descriptions

  • LAN Interface Descriptions:

Atlanta (Router`s name) (config)# int e0
Atlanta (config-if)# description sales lan
Atlanta (config)# int e1
Atlanta (config-if)# description marketing lan

  • WAN Interface Descriptions

Titanic (Router`s name) (config-if) int e1
Titanic (config-if)# desc wan to maimai circuit: anythings!

Start up -config (NVRM) & Running -config (RAM) Moving:    RAMNVRAMTFTP Server
copy commands: COPY (SENDER)(RECEIVER)

  1. Show interface ?     that will reveal all the available interface to cinfigure
  2. Show ip interface (layer3)  
  • Status of the interafce
  • The ip address & mask
  • Information on whether an access list is sent on interface.
  • Basic ip interface
       3.Show ip interface brief     quick over view --> logical address & Status
       4.Show controllers
  • This command displays information about the physical interface it self.
  • Type of serial cable plugged into a serial port.
  • Usually, this will only be a DTE cable That plugs into a type of Data Service Unit (DSU)

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