May 7, 2011

Setting up SSH

Which creates a more secure session than the Telnet app that use an uncrypted data stream.
Here are the steps to setting up SSH:
1. Set your host name:
Router(config)#host name Rezakhani

2. Set the domain name (both the host name & domain name are required for the encryption keys to be generated) :
Rezakhani(config)# ip domain -name

3. Generate the encryption keys for security the session:
 Rezakhani(config)# crypto key generate rsa  general -keys modulus ?
<360-2048> size of the key modulus [360-2048]
Rezakhani(config)# crypto key generate rsa general -keys modulus 1024

- The name for keys will be
- % The key modulus size is 1024 bits

- % Generating 1024 bit RSA keys, will be non-exportable ...[Ok]
- * June 24 9:25:30.035: %SSH-5-ENABLED: SSH 1.99
has been enabled.

4. Set the max idle timer for a SSH Session:
Rezakhani(Config)# ip SSH time -out ?
<1-120> SSH time -out interval (secs)
Rezakhani (config)# ip ssh time -out 60

5.  Set the max failed attempts for an SSH connection:
Rezakhani(config)# ip ssh authentication -retries ?
<0-5> number of authentication retries
Rezakhani (config)# ip ssh authentication -retries 2

6.  Connect to the vty line of the router:
Rezakhani (config)# line vty0 1180

7.  last, configure SSH & the Telnet as access protocols:
Rezakhani (config-line)# than sport input ssh telnet.

  • If  you do not use the key word telnet at the end of the command string, then only SSH will work on the router.
  • I am not suggesting you use either way, but just understand that SSH is more secure than Telnet

*** You can download the SSH software here, called PuTTY ***

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