May 13, 2011

Using the Pipe

 It is the output modifier. This pipe ( | ) allow us to wade through all the configurations or other long out puts & get straight to our goods fast.

Arman#sh run | ?
Append Append redirected out put to URL ( URLs supporting append operation only )
Begin Begin with the line that matches.

Exclude Exclude line that match.
Include Include line that match.
Redirect Redirect out put to URL.
Section Filter a section of out put.
Copy out put to URL.

Arman#sh run | begin interface 
interface fast Ether net 0/0
description sales VLAN
ip address
duplex auto 
Speed auto
interface fast Ethernet 0/1

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تینا said...

یه ایمیل برات فرستادم بخونش -منتظز جوابت هستم

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