Apr 24, 2011

Router Interface Configuration

* IP addresses  *Media Type  * Bandwidth  * Other administrative commands

Cisco 2522
  • Cisco 2522 has 10 serial:  
Router (config)# int Serial?
<0-9> serial interface number

The 2522 router has one Ethernet 10baset port; Router (config)# int ethernet ?
<0-0> Ethernet interface number
Router (config)# int ethernet 0
Router (config-if)#

+ The 2600, 3600, 4000 & 7000 Series router USE a " Physical slot in the router, with a port number on the module plugged info that slot" 
+ MUST type the full command; as same as: int fast ethernet 0/0 or int fa0/0. "slot/port"

Router (config)#int fa0/0
Router (config-if)# media -type ?
100base x use Rj-45 for -tx, SC F0 for -fx 
MII use MII connector

Default: interface command is OFF, shutdown. To turn on interface ON: no shutdown. [important because if shutdown will NOT send packets]


Router # config
(Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with Ctrl+Z)
Router (config)# int ethernet 0
Router (config-if)# no shutdown 
Router (config-if) # ^z
00:57:08: %link -3- up down: interface ethernet 0, changed state to up 00:57:09: %link port -5- up down: line protocol on interface ethernet 0, changed state to up
Router#sh int ethernet 0
ethernet 0 is up line protocol is up  

configuring ip address

Router (config)#int e0
Router (config-if)# ip address
Router (config-if)#no shut

+ Ip address verification with the: show running -config command sh run for short 
+ Cisco router support two proprietary serial connections:
  1. 60-pin serial connector.
  2. Smart serial: about 1/10 the size of the 60-pin.
DCE (Data Communication Equipment); Service provider "CSU". DCE  requires a DCE cable.
DTE (Data Terminal Equipment); End user device "Router". DTE requires a DTE cable.

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